Dr. Anthony Carter Named To The Board Of Directors For The Anterior Hip Foundation

2017-05-07T15:17:42+00:00 April 28th, 2017|Blog, DR. CARTER|

The Anterior Hip Foundation (AHF), an international society fostering advancement of the anterior approach to total hip replacement, has selected Dr. Anthony Carter, Hip and Knee Replacement surgeon at HROSM, to serve on their board of directors. Founded by global thought leader and anterior approach pioneer Dr. Joel Matta of Santa Monica, CA, the AHF [...]

The Advantages of a “Jiffy Hip” Replacement

2016-12-16T08:49:14+00:00 December 16th, 2016|Blog, DR. CARTER, Joint Replacement|

Previously, hip replacements meant long hospital stays, painful recoveries, and long periods of rehabilitation before a patient's hip joint returned close to its normal function. Over the past ten years, orthopedic surgeons have adopted a more streamlined "Jiffy Hip" replacement technique (also referred to generically as "anterior hip replacement") that has revolutionized the procedure. At [...]

Dr. Anthony Carter is the first In Virginia to offer the Iovera treatment for pain management after total knee replacement

2016-11-01T11:09:32+00:00 September 29th, 2016|Awards/Honors, Blog, DR. CARTER, Get Moving, Orthopaedic, Pain Management, Uncategorized|

Dr. Anthony Carter, with Hampton Roads Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine, is pleased to introduce another first for the Hampton Roads area. He is now offering the iovera° treatment, an innovative approach to blocking pain, as part of his Total Knee Arthroplasty standard of care. The iovera° treatment uses the body’s natural response to cold to [...]

HROSM Physicians Named to 2016 Top Doc list by Coastal Virginia Magazine

2016-10-12T13:28:53+00:00 July 28th, 2016|Blog, DR. ALDRIDGE, DR. CARTER, DR. FITHIAN, DR. HOFF, DR. KELLER, DR. MCCONNELL, DR. SOHAGIA, DR. SWENSON|

Coastal Virginia magazine named 10 physicians from Hampton Roads Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine (HROSM) to its 2016 ‘Top Doc” list. The ‘Top Docs’ issue will feature a total of 715 physicians recognized as ‘Top Doc’ in their specialty and will appear in the September print issue of the Coastal Virginia magazine. The ‘Top Docs’ were determined [...]

Conditions That Could Warrant Needing a Hip Replacement

2016-10-12T13:28:53+00:00 July 13th, 2016|Blog, DR. CARTER, Joint Replacement|

Hip pain, either from arthritis, injuries or other conditions, can keep you from functioning normally, robbing you of productivity and enjoying life. Sometimes, people with hip discomfort try several non-surgical treatments, but they fail to find relief. If you’re suffering from hip pain, it may be time to consider a hip replacement. A hip replacement, [...]

Dr. Anthony Carter Reaches Mile Stone

2016-10-12T13:29:07+00:00 January 7th, 2016|Blog, DR. CARTER|

10 Years Performing the Anterior Approach for Total Hip Replacement Dr. Anthony Carter, orthopaedic surgeon at Hampton Roads Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine, reaches a milestone in his career. December 2015 marks 10 years of performing the direct anterior approach for total hip replacement more commonly known as the “Jiffy Hip.” Over the past 10 years, [...]

Surgeon Scorecard with Dr. Anthony Carter

2016-10-12T13:29:20+00:00 August 10th, 2015|Blog, DR. CARTER|

When preparing to schedule a surgery, how do you pick your surgeon? Do you rely on advice from a relative, friend, or family doctor? Or maybe you have done research on local hospitals and the rates of infections and complications. If you haven’t had to prepare for an elective surgery in the past, you might [...]